Cape Cod Awaits You

#CapeCodAwaitsYou Toolkit

We’re so excited about our Spring/Summer 2021 #CapeCodAwaitsYou campaign! The marketing campaign will entice visitors to seek new adventures and create lifelong memories on Cape Cod, making up for lost time here in our beautiful destination.

The campaign includes digital billboards in Boston and Hartford, CT; search remarketing, Expedia and PPC campaigns in target drive markets; print ads; Facebook/Instagram ads; blogs and influencer marketing.

Help us spread the word that Cape Cod awaits our visitors! Share one of the banner ads below on social media or on your website (just click the download button under the graphic you like and choose “save as”)!

And don't forget to include the hashtags #VisitCapeCod and #CapeCodAwaitsYou whenever you post.

Spotlight on Cape Cod