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About Cape Cod

In her classic tribute to this sandy Massachusetts peninsula, singer Patti Page sang wistfully of “miles of green beneath a sky of blue." While the lyrics were penned over 60 years ago, the message remains timeless. Then and now, people continue to find inspiration in Cape Cod’s incomparable beauty and seaside character. Cape Cod has long been known for stunning natural beauty, hundreds of miles of sandy coastline, magnificent whales migrating just off-shore, and world-class creative and recreational opportunities.

Yet Cape Cod is far more than a world-class vacation destination – it is a real place, offering top-notch healthcare, quality public and private education, vibrant communities, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. It is a place where you can live, work, play and create a new way of life.

Several Cape towns have been recognized as the happiest places to live in the country, and the region has been named one of the top spots to retire. For young families, the Cape has an excellent education system, tight-knit communities, low crime rates and plenty of opportunities to keep your children active – libraries, playgrounds, sports leagues, a children’s museum, cultural enrichment and beaches. For entrepreneurs and young professionals, the region boasts twice the national average of sole proprietors, and great resources in place to support small businesses. For creative spirits, the Cape has long been a mecca for artists, who draw their inspiration from the region’s picturesque beauty and laid -back way of life.

Come live, work, play and create on Cape Cod with us. Hear why these Cape Codders love living and working here!