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Cape Cod Spas & Wellness

Relax and rejuvenate at one of Cape Cod's world-class spas. The Cape is the perfect place to build in a little “me time.” From a quaint backyard massage studio surrounded by hydrangea to the unsurpassed luxury of a day spa or resort, you’ll find an unrivaled level of expertise, intuitiveness and professionalism from the practitioners who call Cape Cod home.

Cape Cod Day Spas & Resorts
From independent spa studios to luxury resorts up and down the coast of Cape Cod, there are endless offerings for you to enjoy; if you come with family, use this time and these places to escape to your own oasis. If you go alone, prepare for days of pampering in a therapeutic or day spa. Multiple locations on the Cape offer excellent services, from different levels of facials and massage treatments to nail/hair salons, offering the whole package needed for a spa getaway. 

Wellness Classes & Outdoor Activities
Wellness classes and outdoor activities have brought a new meaning behind the words ‘zen’ and ‘rejuvenation’; the biggest up and coming outdoor wellness activity has been summer yoga. Other outdoor activities for active visitors include paddleboarding and kayaking; different places offer camps, lessons and guided tours for both children and adults so the whole family can join in on the fun and take vacation to a whole new level. 

Clean Eating
Cape Cod is a great place to work on ‘cleaner eating’ with a wide selection of places offering vegan and vegetarian options from pizza to pasta to sandwiches all made from scratch and with clean ingredients.