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Erik Bevans and Tom Hughes

"Our dream of building a successful business on Cape Cod started back in 2008. Today, we operate four restaurants and we look forward to future expansion. We feel strongly about giving back to the Cape Cod community that has been so good to us!"

Erik Bevans and Tom Hughes, Quahog Republic


Justin Labdon

"The beauty of the Cape inspired me to create a business and life free from the rat race, based around my love of the coast and my desire to set my own course in life."

Justin Labdon, Owner, Cape Cod Beach Chair Company


Michael Lauf

"From our pristine beaches to incredible art galleries to eclectic eateries, as well as excellent healthcare and educational opportunities, Cape Cod has many wonderful qualities of larger places, but with a traditional New England feel."
Michael Lauf, President and CEO, Cape Cod Healthcare

Beth Patkoske

"Professionally and personally, it’s great to be surrounded by smart, engaging people who are generous with their time and who also have a focus on living a well-balanced life."

Beth Patkoske, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, Chatham Bars Inn


Erin Cox

"The Cape is the kind of community where success is realized for those who dig in, get involved, and build meaningful relationships in the community. "
Erin Cox, Business Development Manager, KAM Appliances


Kristen Mitchell Hughes

"My husband and I feel blessed to live and work on Cape Cod, and to be able to raise our son Jameson here. The Cape's unique environment provides so many fantastic opportunities and experiences for him to learn and thrive!"

Kristen Mitchell Hughes, VP Marketing, Cape Cod Chamber

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The Cape is a unique place with unique villages that attract unique people. But we are a community. I have lived other places, and nowhere else is as family-centric and community-based as Cape Cod.   Brian G., Sandwich

The best advice I can give (to young professionals) would be to get involved with the community and start building professional and personal relationships as soon as possible. Sustaining a living on the Cape is challenging, but once your feet are firmly in the Cape Cod sand, you won't want to leave.   Jen B., Centerville

Whenever I tell someone I live on Cape Cod, their immediate reaction is "oh wow!" It is easy to let the days go by and not realize how lucky I am to be building my life and family here, but I do have those days when I too find myself saying "wow!"   Mairead G., Yarmouthport

The biggest myth I hear on a regular basis is that there are no "young" people on Cape Cod. It takes attending only one Cape Cod Young Professionals Back to Business Bash to see just how many young professionals live and work on Cape Cod.   Kendra W., Marstons Mills

I love that because it's a small community, I have had opportunities - to grow, to meet people and to challenge myself professionally - that I would never have had if I lived in a city.  Katie M., Mashpee

I enjoy the ability to get out of work at 5, grab some dinner and a blanket, swing by the house to pick up my wife and kids, and be at the beach enjoying a picnic dinner by 5:30.   Adam B., Barnstable

The casual way of life is unmatched. I love the close-knit community atmosphere. I love being able to drive 15 minutes in any direction and hit a beach! I love that people save their vacation time and money to vacation where I get to live year round.   Melinda B., Mashpee

The Cape is a great place to raise a family. It's nice to live where there is a slower pace of life outside the city. You can't beat living so close to the water and beaches! I hear a lot from people that there's nothing to do in the off season. There is definitely a lot stuff going on - you just have to look for it!   Sara C., Marstons Mills