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Cape Cod Road Biking

Cape Cod is an ideal destination for avid road cyclists!  We are home to an abundance of scenic and quiet back roads that meander through quaint seaside villages and along breathtaking coastal vistas.  The Cape is rich in history, both natural and manmade, and cycling affords the opportunity to truly take it all in.  Your best bet is to check out popular routes on the app Strava, or  They have an amazing heat map showing the most popular rides by rider density.  You can easily find the most travelled routes in your area.  Cape Cod is also host to a number of cycling events, from triathlons to charity rides,

The best way to explore Cape Cod's scenic byways? Join a club! The Cape Cod Cycling Club sponsors rides for all ages and abilities. Riders are grouped according to pace and skill level and ride leaders provide guidance and assistance appropriate to the group level. The club is well known for sponsoring a Thursday night group ride from Kalmus Beach in Hyannis, along with many training and social rides throughout the week.

Check out their Rides/Events page for a calendar of upcoming rides.

Copy provided in part by Sea Sports Cape Cod.