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Pet-Friendly Cape Cod

Many pet owners are so devoted to their pets they wouldn’t dream of leaving them behind when they go on vacation.  Luckily, traveling with animals to Cape Cod has never been easier!

There are plenty of fantastic pet-friendly accommodations on Cape Cod, but all have different rules and requirements. Be sure to always inform the hotel or inn you where you’ll be staying that you're bringing your pet along, even if they advertise as pet-friendly; many places only designate certain rooms for furry friends.

The beaches of the Cape Cod National Seashore are open to leashed dogs year-round. (Stay away from shorebird areas and lifeguard-protected beaches; visit the website or Salt Pond Visitor Center in Eastham for a guide to pet-friendly spots.) Off-season, most Cape Cod towns allow dogs on the beach—depending on the town, “off-season” begins sometime between Labor Day and mid-October, and runs through mid-May. Other outdoor options for playing with your pooch include walking our miles of bike trails, or letting your pet romp around at one of several dog parks!