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Living Here

Cape Cod is far more than a world-class vacation destination – it is a real place, offering top-notch health care, quality public and private education, vibrant communities, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Massachusetts recently ranked #2 on a list of Best States to Raise a Family

About Cape Cod

Cape Cod offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, history, culture, and outdoor recreation Living here can offer a unique lifestyle with charming seaside towns and vibrant communities.

Working Here

Cape Cod has a strong entrepreneurial spirit boasting twice the national average of sole proprietors.  We support everything from budding startups to centuries-old companies with guidance, access to funding and more.

Real Estate

Cape Cod’s distinctive salt boxes and Cape houses please the eye with cedar-shingled sides while Federal, Greek Revival, and Victorian-style are found in every town. 


Massachusetts’ public schools rank #1 in the USA, and Cape Cod has excellent K-12 public schools, nationally ranked charter schools and special education. 

Raising A Family

Cape Cod offers a great education system, tight-knit communities, low crime rates, quality healthcare, and plenty of opportunities to keep your children active.

Retiring Here

Retiring on Cape Cod is appealing, based on such factors as our milder New England weather, laid-back lifestyle, pristine beaches, cultural offerings and golf courses. 


We have so many incredible nonprofits doing amazing things here on Cape Cod - they are the lifeblood of our community.

Marine Services

Local businesses can also service all of your boating needs, from repairs, maintenance and dockage to fuel, marine supplies and storage.