A Short Trip To Far Away

A Short Trip To Far Away

Cape Cod is ready to welcome you!  Many travelers prefer to stay close to home right now, and are eager for a change of scenery as Spring’s beauty arrives. Cape Cod is truly “A Short Trip To Far Away” - a relaxing drive from everywhere in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. We have your safety and well-being in mind, as well as the high quality service you are accustomed to. Ready to rest and recharge? Cape Cod and the islands with our fresh sea air, beautiful beaches and glorious gardens are waiting to embrace you. Ferries to the Islands run daily. Check our latest updates on Instagram and Facebook. Check our latest updates on Instagram and Facebook!

Make 2020 the Year You Use ALL Your Vacation Days
Commit to using those well-deserved vacation days this year!

A survey by Project Time Off reveals that those who remain tethered to their desks and mobile devices instead of taking a real vacation are more stressed and actually less likely to receive raises and promotions. Need more convincing? Did you know that more than half of Americans don't use all their allotted vacation days? The study found that Massachusetts residents are just as guilty, with 48% of Bay Staters admitting they don't squeeze out every hour of vacation time. To avoid eating lunches at your desk while your co-workers stroll the 40 pristine miles of the Cape Cod National Seashore and ogle breathtaking sunsets, start your vacation preparations NOW.

Here's why: A majority (52%) of workers who dedicate time each year to plan out their vacation end up using all their time off, compared to just 40% of non-planners. Advance planners also tend to take longer vacations. At the Cape, those 1-2 weeks will give you time to explore the entire peninsula, including restaurants, entertainment and the vast spaces of national parks and nature preserves, as opposed to fitting in just a few days at the beach over a long weekend.

Here are a few other perks for early birds:

Stay at Your First Choice Spot
More than four million people visit Cape Cod each year. Don’t risk your favorite hotel or inn being fully booked by the time you decide to make a reservation. Hotels, bed & breakfasts and a variety of resorts offer early bird booking incentives and vacation packages, as well as deals for midweek and off-season stays. But beware - frugal New Englanders are quick to scoop up discounts, so don't wait until flip-flop season to choose a date.

Plan a Family Vacation or Couples Getaway
Cape Cod offers cozy options for couples, as well as more than enough family-friendly activities to keep both you and the kids entertained. While it's an ideal vacation spot for everyone, you'll want to nail down the details to ensure the experience fulfills your every dream!.

Discover Cape Cod in Every Season
There's a lot to love about summer on the seashore, including gorgeous beaches, cocktails with a view of the ocean, a sea of hydrangeas, and plenty of active adventures. We may be biased, but we think the other three seasons on Cape Cod are just as spectacular. For colorful blooms and warming temperatures, book a spring break. Gardens across the Cape, from backyards to the 100-acre Heritage Museum & Gardens, provide a fragrant carpet of spring flowers and lush landscapes. In September, the weather remains warm, but the majority of visitors have gone home, offering a more intimate feel to your ocean paradise. Late fall provides fiery foliage walks and perfect temperatures to take advantage of a bevy of bike trails and festivals that let you indulge in food and culture. Winter is the perfect excuse to stay inside and enjoy historic inns and crackling fires at cozy restaurants, or to venture out for holiday strolls, bird watching and quiet beach walks. On even the coldest days, the lucky few may be able to spot ice formations rolling in on shore.

Whatever the season you visit Cape Cod, book early, and be sure to savor each and every vacation day.

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