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Cape Cod Hydrangea Fest Garden Tours: July 12, 2024



41 Lakeview Drive, Centerville ***OPEN: 9AM-12PM
Tour benefiting Mashpee Chamber of Commerce

This colonial family home incorporates lines of endless summer hydrangeas, mixed with assorted colors, limelights, hydrangea trees, vegetables, and perennials.  This budget friendly and low maintenance garden showcases how to repurpose, divide, and grow trees and plants from seedlings. The family's goal is to create a lovely escape from all of the hustle and bustle of school and extracurricular activities, while enjoying varying blooms every couple of weeks throughout the growing season.  If you're a family on the go, this garden is a must see for ideas surrounding low upkeep, budget friendliness, and beauty. Open for Tours: July 8-12.

Blossoms in Bliss: 21 Captain Aldens Lane Osterville
Tour benefiting Osterville Village Library ***Open: 10AM-3PM
Experience the enchantment of this beautifully transformed garden at the renowned Hydrangea Fest, once a simple Cape Cod pine tree lot, now a breathtaking oasis of tranquility and color. Immerse yourself in serene outdoor spaces designed for relaxation and nature watching, where the gentle flutter of butterflies and the melodious songs of birds create a perfect backdrop. Wander through vibrant displays of Azaleas, Rhododendrons, and a spectacular variety of Hydrangeas, complemented by a tapestry of old-fashioned, colorful perennials. The lush, meticulously manicured lawns invite you to envision joyful moments, while you lose yourself in a good book in your own slice of paradise. This garden isn't just a feast for the eyes—it's an inspiration for your own future retreat. Date(s) Open for tours: July 11 & 12. Directions: located off Rout 28 in Osterville. 

The Artful Dance of Hydrangeas and Maples: 214 Wianno Circle, Osterville ***Open: 10AM-3PM
Tour benefiting Osterville Village Library
Step into a floral paradise during the Hydrangea Fest and be captivated by the lush gardens of this lovely home, adorned with three dozen hydrangeas in mesmerizing hues of Nico Blue and the radiant whites of large Limelight and Annabelle Hydrangeas.Wander amongst a stunning variety of ten Japanese Maple Cultivars, ranging from the deep scarlets of Bloodgood and Emperor's Red to the delicate greens of weeping maples, the golden glow of Full Moon Maples, and the intricate leaves of Samurai and Butterfly maples. This vibrant festival of colors and textures promises a breath taking experience for all nature lovers and gardening enthusiasts. Open for Tours: July 11 & July 12.

Hidden Gem: 406 Old Mill Road, Osterville ***Open: 10AM-3PM
Tour benefiting Osterville Village Library
Tucked far back from the road at the end of a long driveway, this Hidden Gem never fails to surprise and delight visitors! Greeting you upon arrival, a white picket fence lined with Pink Roses paired with catmint gives way to meandering lawn paths that guide you past perennial and shrub borders tucked alongside the woods. Fieldstone retaining walls create various levels and layers of interest, and a cozy bluestone patio hugs the house, bordered by perennials and annuals for season-long color. Close by is a lower sitting area surrounded by large, blue-leaved hostas and crowned by a young crape Myrtle Tree whose shade will soon create a welcoming oasis on warm summer days. The rear yard beckons with a dense border of Nikko Blue Hydrangeas that screen a charming garden house and lower working gardens whose raised beds are filled with vegetables, herbs, and flowers for cutting. Nearby, tall Ornamental Grasses that sway in the breeze offer a glimpse of the mid-level crushed stone patio with sitting area and firepit. And cloaked with a sturdy climbing Hydrangea, the outdoor shower at the back of the house is the perfect spot to wash your cares away at the end of a long day in the garden or at the beach. Note: This garden has a long driveway to walk down from the street parking. Open for tours: July 12 & 13. Directions: Main St. Osterville to Old Mill Rd. (near Fancy’s Market). Parking: parking will be on Old Mill Road, on the side without the curb, then walk the length of the 500' driveway to get to the property.


Hydrangea Bliss: A Coastal Garden Showcase: 251 Bridge Street, Osterville ***Open: 10AM-3 PM
Tour benefiting Osterville Village Library
This coastal classic planting of Nikko blue Hydrangeas spilling over onto the front lawn draws you down the street. Stone column entry plantings of soft yellow Knockout Roses, pale blue Russian Sage and Rozanne Geraniums lead you into the circular driveway where a flagpole is surrounded with Limelight Hydrangea's. Mixed in the front are mass plantings of Quickfire Hydrangea's, Russian Sage as well as Sedums and Lilly's. Along the front of the house more blue Hydrangeas and white Annabelle lncrediball Hydrangeas fill the beds. This area is underplanted with perennials such as Astilbe's, Hosta's and Rozanne geraniums to repeat and tie in the colors thus completing the look. Continuing around to the side and back of the house, several varieties of blue and Pink Hydrangeas pill over a white fence along the side driveway. The large sunny back yard is filled with mature Rhododendron's and more Hydrangea's. Large Buddleia in shades of blue and lavender attract pollinators and repeat the soft blue and white palette. A patio filled with large planters in complimenting colors soften the stone area and allows views of the gardens. Garden designed and maintained by Kara McGrath Designs. Open for tours: July 12 & 13. Parking: along Bridge and side street. Accessible: flat land, hard ground, stone or paved walkways. Wheelchair or walker friendly.


 An Extraordinary Bayview Garden:  455 Bridge Street, Osterville ***Open: 10AM-3PM
Tour benefiting Osterville Village Library
This garden offers spectacular views of West Bay, featuring a thoughtful driveway border and mature hydrangeas encircling the home, which overlook the vibrant marsh and bird habitat. The lush blooms of the hydrangeas contrast beautifully with the natural backdrop, making this compact space a plein air painter's paradise. It’s not just visually delightful; the garden also supports local wildlife, providing a peaceful setting that enhances both the beauty of the surroundings and the creative spirit of those who visit. Open for tours: July 12 & 13. Directions: West Bay Rd. straight through Parker Rd Intersection, left on to Bridge Street. Follow signs. Garden Parking: On side of road. Accessible: flat land, hard ground, stone or paved walkways. Wheelchair or walker friendly.


Harmony Haven: A Permaculture Food Forest Journey: 99 Crocker Road, West Barnstable
Tour benefiting Resilient Roots
This enchanting food forest garden is a harmonious tapestry of edible delights nestled in vibrant mosses and greenery. As you wander through this sustainable oasis, you’ll discover a diverse ecosystem of fruit and nut trees gracefully intermingling with berry bushes, perennial vegetables, and herbs. Each plant plays a vital role in fostering a self-sustaining environment that mimics a natural forest’s biodiversity. Be captivated by the interplay of colors, textures, and fragrances as you explore the 24 raised beds behind the greenhouse. This gardener’s commitment to permaculture is evident in the lush layers of vegetation creating a bountiful feast for the senses. Open for Tours: July 12 (Fri), July 13 (Sat), July 14 (Sun). Directions: Exit 65 (formerly 5) from Route 6 to Route 149, to Cedar Street, which turns into Crocker Road as it bears right. The location is at the bottom of a hill. Parking: The garden is at the end of Crocker Road. Please park on either side of the street and walk up the driveway. If you need handicapped parking, there will be four spots at the top of the driveway. Accessibility: Discretionary. There are no paved pathways except under the pergola to the main entrance off the driveway . The garden may be accessible for a walker but would be difficult with a wheelchair. There are no steps, but some grade changes may be difficult to manage, especially if the ground is wet. Dogs: Service dogs that are on a leash are welcome; please clean up after.


The Long and Winding Garden - 15 Saddler Lane, West Barnstable
Tour benefiting Whelden Memorial Library
 Multiple gardens featuring over 650 plants with an eclectic mix of English cottage garden plants, Japanese Maples, ornamental grasses and hydrangeas. By eliminating my front yard lawn and instead creating multiple gardens, I have met more neighbors, and the garden has become a shared experience in the neighborhood. It has changed the way I garden. The front and back gardens are separated by paths and they all reflect my passion for plants. Directions: Saddler is off Old Stage Rd near the Service Road close to Route 6 Exit 65. Parking: on street. Accessibility and Dogs: Discretionary, no dogs. Open for Tours: July 12th and 14th.

Julie's Secret Beech:  741 Oak St. West Barnstable
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Challenger Club
The backbone of this garden was established in the 1950's by the arborist for the Colgate family and features many mature specimen trees, highlighting a near centennial European copper beech, surrounded by an acre of sweetgum, dogwood, magnolia, espalier fruit, Japanese bell flower and a variety of unique evergreens. Meandering brick paths and rock walls circle through newer additions of hydrangeas, over 100 cultivars of hosta, hybrid daylily and native hellebores. Eclectic and somewhat whimsical, the Secret beech invites one to wander through multiple garden rooms, past statues, trellises and water features. Open for Tours: July 12 & 13
Meet the creators of Cape Cod Challenger Green Fertilizer and bring your questions. Watch the Boston Channel 5 segment featuring Cape Cod Challenger Green Fertilizer.
Directions and Parking: Oak St. runs between Rte. 6a and Old Stage Rd. the garden is north of Rte. 6 with parking on the east side of the street.Accessibility: Discretionary, uneven land, set of stairs, soft ground. No Dogs Please.



82 Uncle Albert’s Drive, Chatham
Tour Benefiting Chatham Garden Club
This property has been lovingly designed with an artist’s eye and vision.  At the front stone walls on either side of the driveway are white, coral, pink and red azaleas.  Rhododendrons carry the eye to the center island planted with three River Birches, azaleas, and variegated euonymus, Emerald Gaiety.  As you proceed to the left toward the garage, there is a magnificent many-trunked oak tree. Climber Eden Rosa (pink/white) line the fence leading to the backyard, which is a profusion of color.  Purple lavenders, peach day lilies, Shasta daisies, and multi-colored perennials feed the summery pallet.  The area is a profusion of yellow and peach daylilies, white shasta daisies, and blue, red, yellow and gold perennials. Hydrangea varieties include Annabelle, Lanart White, Blue Prince and paniculata, Vanilla Strawberry.  As you walk down the steps toward the infinity pool, surrounded by liberty granite from Connecticut, you will delight in the views of the Oyster River.  The owners removed the invasives and planted inkberry, Siberian Cypress, and beach plum to encourage wildlife and pollinators.  Large arborvitae and grasses provide privacy. Taxus yews and melon colored hemerocallis screen the pool equipment.


141 Absegami Run, Chatham
Tour Benefiting Chatham Garden Club
Upon approaching this property there is the feel of a park-like setting with three Siberian elms and a Linden tree which serve as a canopy with a row of Annabelle Hydrangeas bordering the road.  A bluestone path awaits as you enter with classic gardens on all sides.  Flanking the lawn are Red Horse Chestnut tree, London Plane tree, and a Katsura tree.  Keeping the privacy of the yard are Camellia Japonica, Japanese Umbrella pine, Viburnum, Pink Magnolia, and your classic blue Hydrangeas.  The front foundation has two tree anchors on each side, a Pink Japanese Snowbell, and a Pink Cornus Kousa.  Additionally, to balance the color, are a red twig dogwood, various unique shrubs, two different varieties of City Line Hydrangeas, standard paniculata hydrangeas set amidst beautiful evergreens. The side patio is enveloped by Serviceberry hedge and Blushing Bride hydrangeas.  The South side is replete with species such as Caryopteris, Abelia, Duetzia, Crepe Myrtle, Vitex, Lavender, Gaura, Colorado blue spruce, and many additional hydrangeas.  Leaving the back yard, you will pass by espalier pear trees, Honeysuckle and David Austin roses.  The garden design and care is provided by Shayne Sibley, Bedworks Design of Chatham.


103 Shore Road, Chatham
Tour Benefiting Chatham Garden Club
This much-admired home sitting atop a knoll was redesigned and renovated by Boston architect, Patrick Ahearn.  The spacious green lawn draws the eye to the hedges that surround the perimeter.  Dwarf Fountain Grasses also serve as borders.  The front foundation highlights Endless Summer Nikko Blue Hydrangeas. There are welcoming porches on each end of the home with additional Endless Summer Nikko Blue Hydrangeas on the right.  For additional curb appeal there are three window boxes by the front entryway filled with annuals. The back of the home is an oasis of calm, enclosed by hedging of Sky Pencil Japanese Holly and Northern Privet.  It boasts a beautiful pool, soaker pool, and firepit edged in stone.  Behind the home, sits a gambrel-roof guest cottage, game room, three car garage, and iconic picket fences. The rear foundation of this gracious home features raised bed perennials including pink echinacea, Shasta daisies, roses, hibiscus, and Russian sage.  A magnificent Japanese Zelkova tree canopies the yard.  Looking at the right of the property are pear trees along the fence.


126 Shore Road, Chatham
Tour Benefiting Chatham Garden Club
From the mailbox at the top down the right side of the driveway is bordered by white rose shrubs. The left side of the driveway has Nikko Blue hydrangeas bordering the way to the home.  At the bottom of the drive sits a former grandchildren’s tea house now storing water skis.  New Dawn roses quintessentially climb the guest cottage.  In front of the guest cottage, a rose garden adds the soft shades of summer with multi-colored tea rose blossoms.  Next to the house is a perennial garden with an abundance of white specimens.  The many pots are filled with white geraniums, blue lobelia, and some tall white climbing mandevillas. At the back of the home, featuring a breath-taking view of the Chatham harbor, is a cutting garden with many sizes and colors of dahlias, zinnias, and white daisies.  On the left side of the house is a small vegetable plot with tomatoes which the children love to pick.  The view of the ocean is both tranquil and dramatic depending on the weather and seasons.


“Riptide” - 132 Shore Road, Chatham
Tour Benefiting Chatham Garden Club
Beginning on Shore Road this property ends by the sea.  This classic Colonial Revival home is easily recognized by its white marble sculpted Whale’s Tail, which is a favorite site on Chatham’s Shore Road.  The front perimeter hedges are created by both privet and Green Giant arborvitae.  The driveway entrance and front foundation features Nikko Blue hydrangea.   Around the driveway parking court entrance, Endless Summer hydrangea, and Green Gem Boxwood hedges delineate the driveway.  To the right are Annabelle and Endless Summer hydrangeas, Shasta daisies, Little Lime Paniculata and Green Gem hydrangea.  The Whale’s Tail’s beds are planted with boxwoods, Hinoki Cypress, and three varieties of hydrangeas.  The Compact Japanese Holly and Little Lime Paniculata hydrangea sit around the rear foundation.  The perennials in the garden are Shasta daisies Dwarf Russian sage, Rozanne geranium, and catmint.  Blue Prince holly surround the generator.  The property is designed by Adrienne Mitchell of Chelsea Gardens.



George & Marcia Chapman’s Garden - 28 Sady’s Lane, East Falmouth
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society
Archways, espaliers and a unique style of evergreen pruning make up the bones of this forty-year-old garden, The planting beds, containers and vistas undergo dramatic change every year. Returning visitors will see the expansion of the moss garden, a new dwarf conifer garden and a unique hypertufa planter display. Unusual annuals, perennials and tropical plants accent the gardens throughout the property. Practical gardening ideas and inspiration to take home to your garden can be seen everywhere as you explore this property’s many meandering paths.  Both George and Marcia are professional horticulturists whose garden has been featured in Falmouth Living, Cape Cod Home and Fine Gardening magazines. This property is a true labor of love, and the Chapmans enjoy sharing it. Open for Tours: Friday, July 12 & Saturday, July 13.


Richard & Allyn Michaelson’s Garden - 12 Sheeps Crossing Lane, Woods Hole
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society
In 1994, Richard and Allyn Michaelson built their home on a wooded acre that slopes 40' up from the street to the rear of the property. With rough drawings from a landscape architect, Richard is now 30 years into a 5-year plan.  The front garden is marked by a large beech tree and complemented with hydrangeas, ferns, hostas, rose of sharon, butterfly bushes, Japanese red maples, pine trees, kousa dogwood trees, and more. On the west side of the house, there is a long pachysandra bed and additional hydrangeas. A path leads to an inground pool where a stone retaining wall lines a bed awash with color from hydrangeas, hostas, a growing selection of daylilies, and others. There is also an upper terrace complete with a firepit and a pathway that provide a comfortable shady area to sit and enjoy the greenery, climbing hydrangea, and the view. Open for Tours: Friday, July 12 & Saturday, July 13.


Bill & Peggy Guggina’s Garden -100 Moorland Rd, Falmouth
Tour benefiting Cape Cod Hydrangea Society
Welcome to The Gardens at 100 Moorland Road, a quintessential Cape Cod home set on a bluff overlooking Vineyard Sound.  While the garden plantings are relatively new due to a recent home renovation, you will be captivated and inspired by their variety and the stunning ocean views of the sound.  The owner has built more than 250 feet of dry-stone walls for both aesthetic and functional purposes on this property which features both evergreen and deciduous shrubs, a number of specimen trees, a rose garden and more than 100 hydrangeas.  This is a place where human craftsmanship and natural beauty come together in perfect harmony, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in its tranquility and serenity.

Peace and Harmony Garden: 62 Southview Way, East Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Chorale
Hydrangeas highlight this varied garden surrounding the home of a Falmouth Chorale singer. Points of interest include a perennial border and a pool with running water.  In addition to the displays of hydrangeas, visitors will enjoy day lilies, roses, and several varieties of native plants.
Open for tours: Thursday July 11 and Friday July 12.
Directions: Take
Sandwich Road in Falmouth from the north or south, and turn onto Carriage Shop Road. In about one quarter of a mile take the first right onto Old Meetinghouse Road. In a little more than nine tenths of a mile take a right onto Southview Way. Look for Parking signs near the garden location at 62 Southview Way. Southview Way will be marked with Hydrangea Festival signs. Parking: Parking is available across the street from the garden or at the nearby ends of Southview Way. Parking will be marked with signs. Accessibility: Discretionary: uneven land, soft ground, or sets of stairs. Proper judgement is advised. Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash.


Windswept:  67 Indian Ridge Lane, Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club
Windswept is a quintessential 1950’s Cape Cod cottage renovated in 1990 by the current owners who sought to preserve the historical charm of the home and to enhance the landscape which provides breathtaking views of the Great Sippewissett Marsh, Black Beach and Buzzards Bay.  The mesmerizing view alone is worth the visit and is testimony to the owners’ proclamation “we love the land.”  Two immerse black oaks overlook the plantings and guard the property.  Plantings include a pollinator garden, mature trellis roses, an herb garden, border annuals and a very special “August” garden where plantings reach their peak in August.  Patios are rimmed by field stone walls which serve as backdrops for sun-loving perennials such as coneflowers, thistle, coreopsis, and more.  On the western side of the property shade plants like bleeding hearts, begonias, ferns, and hostas abound. Privacy is protected by a border of hydrangeas and rhododendrons.   Windswept is a natural sanctuary and a must see.Open for tours: Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12.     
Directions: From Rt 28, turn onto Palmer Ave.  After approx. 1 mile, turn left into gated community of Saconesset Hills. Turn right onto Indian Ridge Rd. 
Parking: Limited parking for those with mobility issues at #67 Indian Ridge Lane.  All others, continue straight past #67 and follow to the end of the road.  Large parking lot at private beach house available for parking on the days of tour.  Attendees will have to walk to and from the parking lot.


Bountiful Love and Marriage: 17 Bounty Lane, Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club
This terraced property is the product and passion of a gardening couple whose vision is “bountiful”.   As one enters the gateway to the backyard, one is captivated by the intertwined varieties of evergreens such as hemlocks, umbrella pines, long needle pines, cypresses, holly, and boxwoods, some naturally growing while others are perfectly pruned.  A raised level of terracing forms a privacy border of tall deciduous trees and plants such as Rose of Sharon, and hydrangea.  Additionally, there are seven varieties of Japanese maples.   Varied ground cover plantings cradle and highlight statement statuary, musical elements, and aerial sculptures.   In the center of the backyard is an immense glacial rock which the owners have fashioned into a water feature cascading into a fishpond.  This boulder forms the edge of a central large stone patio.  The owner’s inspiration is “we plant what we love and love what we plant”.  This “bountiful” property is truly a labor of love and a marriage of a myriad of interesting landscape design elements. Open for tours:  Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12. Directions:  From Locust St., turn right onto Ransom Rd then turn left onto Bounty Rd.  Parking:  Parking available on even numbered side of Ransom Rd.  Attendees must walk up a short incline to #17 Bounty Lane


Dreams of a Lifetime:  20 Elizabeth Jean Dr., East Falmouth
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club
This garden’s claim to fame is that it has evolved over five short years into a magnificent showplace.  The owners, one a master gardener, and the other a master carpenter have combined talents to turn their third of an acre into a natural respite for plant and bird life.  One enters the property through a wooden trellis between a Rose of Sharon espalier and beds of herbs and vegetables. Once in the backyard, tasteful groupings of varied containers accent the gardens.  A garden shed is centrally located with collections of wind ornaments and birdhouses adorning gardens and shelves.  A “tool” gate serves as entry to a shade garden populated with naturalized blooms such as crocuses, daffodils, ferns, and hostas.  Central to the property is a large patio extending from the house into the backyard. It supports the propagation and display of many plants, grown from bulbs, seeds, or cuttings.  A “moongate” created by the resident carpenter, forms the entry to three large raised beds used to start seeds and later to cultivate cutting flowers.  Follow this garden on Instagram @onecapecodgarden. Open for tours: Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12.
: From Rt. 28, turn onto Davisville Rd.  In approx.. 1 mile, turn left onto Elizabeth Jean Dr. Parking: Park on odd numbered side of street.


Robin’s Hood:  16 Little Lane, Waquoit
Tour benefiting Falmouth Garden Club
This 4.5 acre property offers a farm-like setting with a home crafted together with the original Waquoit Post Office building and a custom built mid-section.  Most recently, a third addition was the annexation of an old farmhouse original to the property.  From the upper level sleeping porch one enjoys sweeping views of lawn and gardens extending to fresh water Bourne Pond.  An “island garden”, where, according to the owner, “the lily action in July is astounding,” offers many perennials set to bloom throughout the season. The property is rimmed by rhododendrons, walkways edged with lush lambs ear and ground covers, and populated with magnificent mature trees like a weeping beech, a Powder Puff Magnolia, and red maples.  A towering climbing hydrangea overlooks a nearby coy pond.  Throughout the property, the soft natural beauty is complemented with rock walls, brick edging and natural stepping-stones.  Affectionately called “Robins’ Hood”, these gardens are a magical setting where nature is at its best. Open for tours: Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12. Directions: From Rt. 28, exit onto Metoxit Rd., then turn right onto Little Lane. Parking: Parking is available in large open field on the right.


Cassell Property – 75 Willow Field, N. Falmouth
Tour benefiting Master Gardener Association of Cape Cod
Visit a peaceful three-acre woodland and garden retreat when you visit.  Native woods ring the house and feature a 375 rhododendron and azalea dell along with several shrub collections. Accessible moss-covered pathways invite you to stroll between displays illustrating the plantings and seasons of the woods. Within the ring is a picturesque pond, stone bridge, and soothing waterfall. Around the house are many perennials, vegetables, herbs, unique shrubs, and collections of heather, lavender, hosta, and hellebores. Some 35 hydrangea and 20 Japanese maples are interwoven into the landscape fabric. Throughout the property are stone features and many native and pollinator plants. This property is for photographers, for those who delight in seeing new gardens, and for those who seek to reenergize in the shadows of Mother Earth. Garden talks at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Open for Tours: July 12 &13.

Paul Tocci Memorial Garden Curated by Josh LaPine: 6 Carlton Drive W, East Sandwich
Tour benefiting Sandwich Conservation Trust ***OPEN: 10AM -1PM

Beautiful residential garden in Carleton Shores tucked at the end of a private road steps from the beach. Blooms, textures and shapes of all colors draw you in to this unique blend of perennials, annuals, shrubs and trees. Dappled willows, viburnum astilbe, brunnera, hosta, shasta and hydrangea are the stars(among may others) Intermingled with classic and modern planters. A secret garden for solace and peaceful thinking there is no shortage of beauty to be observed. Garden Tour with curator Josh LaPine available for tours and questions. Open for Tours: July 7, July 10 & July 12.
Directions: 6A to Carleton Drive go to the very end of the street you’ll see small parking lot.  Take a left,  street then turns into Carleton Drive West.    House is all the way down on the left gray with red door.

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