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Shepley Wood Products

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    With no experience in the lumber and building materials industry, a used lumber truck, $4,000, and an idea there was a need for another lumberyard in Hyannis, Tony Shepley and a partner started Shepley Wood Products in 1978. At that time, the idea of an upstart lumberyard competing with the six established competitors in a 10-mile radius was preposterous enough that the other yards didn’t take it very seriously. Today, Shepley is the only lumberyard remaining in the Hyannis area The name “Wood Products” was a conscious effort to make the company sound different than a regular “lumberyard”. From day one, the aim of the company was to serve contractors. What Shepley had to offer was service. This company was built on taking good care of customers and accommodating their needs better than the competition. Early strategies included making deliveries within 4 hours, developing an interior trim expertise that is exceptional in the industry, pioneering the concept of primed pine through an in-house painting operation, and developing inside sales teams to support the outside sales force. As Shepley has grown, the company has continued to innovate by adding an architectural finish hardware department, a service department and state of the art Shepley Showcase.
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