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Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce

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    The Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce takes great pleasure in welcoming you to Nantucket, one of the most unique, historic, and visually stunning places in the world. With this website, we hope to share with you all that our special island has to offer.Originally a booming whaling port, Nantucket has been named a National Historic District and has architecturally changed little since the 17th century, as seaside cottages and old-fashioned lamps still line its streets.
    At the harbor front, where the great whaling ships set out on their hazardous journeys to return years later - if at all - pleasure boats now find safe harbor in one of the finest docking facilities in the world. Inland on this idyllic "elbow of sand," the wild moors open to the endless sky. Nearly 40 percent of Nantucket is protected conservation land. Several areas and habitats, natural groups of plants and animals, are rare to this region and even the world. Come to enjoy this natural beauty and protected land where the springtime blossom of daffodils and forsythia give way to summer's lush flowerings of roses and hydrangea, and, perhaps best of all, the rich tawny hues of autumn.

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