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    Summer Special Collaboration with

    Get Ready to Amplify Your Message and Reach a Vibrant Audience!

    We are thrilled to present an exclusive Summer Sales Special Collaboration with, the ultimate multi-media promotional channel. This unique opportunity allows you to extend your brand's reach and engage with an enthusiastic audience across our in-person, online, and social party platforms. With a comprehensive network spanning various locations from Bourne to Provincetown, your message will resonate with our diverse community of fans and supporters.

    Package Details:

    You can unleash the power of our extensive promotional network for just $500 and an additional $500 in trade. Here's what you can expect from this exciting collaboration:

    1. Unparalleled Exposure:

       By joining forces with, your brand will be heard across our vast network. We host interactive games, including Trivia, Music Bingo, Bingo, and Jukebox DJ, which occur 10-15 times weekly. These games are hosted by our talented team of hosts, broadcasted through our digital radio station, and streamed to our social media sites and podcasting network. Your ads will be seamlessly embedded within the content, ensuring your message becomes a natural part of the conversation.


    2. Engaged and Active Audience:

       Our fans actively choose to join our network and support our channels. They are highly engaged and eager to interact with our hosts and sponsors. By partnering with, you will connect with an engaged audience ready to embrace and spread your message. We offer a unique opportunity to captivate and engage with individuals passionate about entertainment, music, and social gatherings.

    3. Comprehensive Promotion:

       Your brand will benefit from an all-encompassing promotion through our in-person, online, and social party channels. Whether it's our in-person game nights, live streaming events, or interactive social media campaigns, we will ensure your brand receives maximum visibility and exposure. We aim to make your message the center of attention and create a buzz around your products or services.

    4. Authentic Integration:

       We pride ourselves on delivering authentic and natural integrations for our sponsors. Your ads will seamlessly blend into our content, creating a genuine and organic connection with our audience.


    Get ready to spread happiness and amplify your message with our Summer Sales Special Collaboration. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach a vibrant audience eager to engage and support your brand. Contact us today to secure your spot and start a conversation that will get you heard!



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