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    At J & E we have a passion for the food we distribute to our customers. We Understand how important it is for our customers to be able to source high-quality products from the New England region from a company they can trust. We understand the importance of reliability to our clients. We consider our relationships with small businesses to be partnerships. Providing high-quality service and products not only helps our customers grow their business, it also helps us here at J & E as hope to expand our business to all of Cape Cod. In March of 2020 we implemented our retail division in response to the pandemic. We offer free delivery to all our retail customers and welcome new accounts. Over the last 25 years, we placed a heavy emphasis on developing personal relationships with every customer and vendor so that we can offer quality products at a competitive price. Our savings are our customers’ savings. Our mission is to create an environment with our customers that lends itself to complete transparency and honesty with a hassle free return and understanding policy. J & E has dedicated itself to bring outstanding quality and customer service to Cape Cod restaurants, markets, and guesthouses for over 70 years and your happiness is our guarantee.
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