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CARE for the Cape & Islands

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    CARE for the Cape & Islands'™  mission is “Creating A Responsible Environment” to preserve the very things that visitors travel to see and enjoy: exquisite natural beauty, native plant, marine and wildlife habitats, Cape & Islands culture and history. CARE exists to educate, support and create opportunities for visitors and residents to reduce their environmental impact by donating their "time, talent and treasure" to help protect and preserve the region.

    Why Cape Cod and the Islands?

    Cape Cod and the Islands’ scenic beauty and pristine coastline are enjoyed and appreciated by millions of visitors each year, presenting a need to protect its unique qualities.  This program will help sustain the region’s fragile ecosystem, culture and heritage that draw visitors and residents to vacation, work and live.

    Ultimately, CARE for the Cape & Islands™ seeks to tap a growing interest in and support of eco-tourism and green-travel, and the philanthropic inclinations that will help ensure the long-term sustainability of the Cape & Islands as a national treasure and travel destination.

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