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Cape Cod Heat Pumps

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    Your Hometown HVAC Professionals - Committed to Serving Our Community

    Cape Cod Heat Pumps is locally owned and operated by expert technicians with a focus on detail, quality, and professionalism. We install, service, and maintain:

    • Heat pumps for both ducted systems and ductless (mini-split) systems
    • Gas furnaces
    • Conventional central air systems
    • Dual fuel systems
    • Indoor Air Quality systems (purification, humidification and dehumidification)

    We care greatly about our customers and our community and we believe it shows in our work, and in our reviews. Hiring a local HVAC company also provides the advantages of: Local Warehouse/staff: Your local project team works out of our stocked Marston Mills warehouse, and has great relationships local supply houses. Familiarity with regional weather and local building codes: As one of the only locally owned and operated HVAC companies on Cape Cod, we have experience working in the climate and with the building codes of the area. Support for the local economy: Hiring a local HVAC company for heating and cooling helps support the local economy, providing jobs and improving the livelihoods of people in your community. Personalized service: Local HVAC companies often provide more personalized service than larger, non-local companies. We have close relationships with our customers, and we're invested in providing high-quality service to maintain our reputation in the community.

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