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Cape Cod Foundation

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    The Cape Cod Foundation is a charitable community trust organized as a nonprofit in 1989 to serve the needs of the people of Cape Cod. The Foundation acts as a vehicle for linking community resources with community needs. We accomplish this by building a pool of funds, investing them, and distributing income from the funds to nonprofit organizations and institutions working to support all that is good about Cape Cod.

    One of more than 650 community foundations in the United States, The Cape Cod Foundation is about people helping their neighbors, their neighborhoods, and the communities they feel passionate about. The Foundation pools these contributions into an endowment so that the resulting income provides a continuing resource for the community.

    Today The Cape Cod Foundation manages more than 250 individual charitable funds, no two of which are exactly alike in their purpose. Many are set up by donors to address a specific problem or area of concern or to address evolving challenges. As the Cape Cod community changes, the Foundation redirects its programs to respond to those changes. At all times, The Cape Cod Foundation is dedicated to addressing the issues that are of the greatest importance to the people of Cape Cod. The Foundation has granted more than $55 million dollars into the community since its inception. 

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