Quahog Day

Quahog Day

Doug the Quahog predicts 83 sunny beach days for Summer 2023!

At the 15th Annual Quahog Day on the First Day of Summer (June 21, 2023), the Cape’s beloved meteorological mollusk Doug the Quahog brought bright news with a forecast of 83 days of sunshine on tap for Summer 2023.

The event was held at Tree House Brewing in Sandwich, with stunning views of Cape Cod Bay. WBZ Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher was on hand to host the festivities – a fitting emcee to deliver a weather forecast to the dozens of spectators in attendance. Doug, perched in his clamming basket and flanked by his elite security detail, secretly whispered his weather forecast to Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce CEO Paul Niedzwiecki.  The news of 83 days of sun was greeted with a roaring cheer from the crowd.

Watch Doug the Quahog’s prediction for Summer 2023 at the 15th Annual Quahog Day below!

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