Biking on Cape Cod - credit Cape Cod Cycling Club

Bike Cape Cod

Cape Cod’s 399 square miles of terrain and 559.6 miles of coastline make the destination an idyllic locale for cyclists!  One surefire way to get the heart pumping and really see the Cape is the vast array of bikeways that are scenic, stimulating and certain to keep you fit.  Hopping on a bike is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of Cape Cod - whether you are taking a mountain bike trail through marshland and forests, a ride on our scenic byways, or exploring one of our dedicated paved trails.

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Coming up: Cape Cod NEMBA will be hosting the season's first Super 8 Ride Weekend April 24-26, 2015! There will be leaders for all levels of riding ability (kids too). Find out more!

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