It's invitation time!  This time of year, stationers are busy working on invitation suites for Cape Cod weddings.  Designing invites is fun and can really set the look, feel and mood for your wedding.

Whether print or digital, one of the key components of your invitation is your RSVP card. Today, we'll pull out this important part of your suite to make sure you cover all your bases with this small, yet very important detail.

Who's Coming?
One of the biggest reasons you send an RSVP card is to see who is coming. Some of your guests may have horrible handwriting, so we recommend that you discreetly number the back of the RSVP card and match it with your guest name so you can easily figure out who sent it if you can't read it!  Make sure this part is clear for your guests and that the date to RSVP is clear as well. Typically you will have your RSVP by date set for one month before the wedding.

Meal Choices
If you are having a plated meal with a choice, be sure to include a place for your guests to select their meal - beef, chicken, fish, vegetarian. You do not need to include the sides. If you're not having a choice, or even if you are, your caterer or venue will most likely want to know in advance if your guests have any allergies or dietary restrictions, so add a spot for guests to note that.

Return Envelope
You will soon find out that not everyone is great at RSVPing, even with a self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed, but you need to make it as easy as possible and be sure to include this important piece for your guests to get it back in the mail ASAP!

Digital RSVPs
Looking to save on the return envelope? Include a small card to have your guests RSVP online. Your wedding website may allow for it, or there are sites like that allow for you to set-up a place for your guests to RSVP.

Other Activities
Your RSVP card can be used for other activities that weekend as well. Having a welcome reception? Ask your guests to also note if they're attending that on one RSVP card to save on paper and stamps!

Have Fun!
Get your guests excited for the wedding and have some fun with them on the RSVP card. Ask them for a song that would get them on the dance floor, or ask what their favorite candy is for a candy station.

Be Patient
Like we mentioned earlier, not everyone RSVPs right away.  You will most likely have to follow up with some guests after the RSVP by date to confirm if they are coming or not. So be prepared and be patient!

Photo credit: Katie Noble Photography

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