Happy New Year!  And Happy Engagement Season!

Turning over the new year is always fun for us because now most of our clients can say "We are getting married THIS year!"  It's also now the middle of engagement season (Thanksgiving through Valentine's Day), so our inbox is cranking!  To all of you newly engaged ladies or gentlemen, we wanted to share with you some very important details regarding your beautiful, new, shiny, sparkly ring!  Your ring is going to be with you for the rest of your life, so here are some tips on caring for it so it will last forever!

So this topic is actually what inspired this blog post.  Get the warranty.  If your fiancé already purchase the ring and did not get the warranty, go back and add it on, and here's why.  I've had my ring for 13+ years and thankfully when my now-husband bought the ring back in 2003 (when he was young and foolish) he was smart enough to get the warranty on it.  Why is this so important?  You never know what could happen to your ring.  Recently, I noticed that my band on my engagement ring had cracked, so I brought it in and it is fully covered to be fixed. Most warranties also cover lost diamonds, but look into your options for best coverage and get it!

If your ring is of value, which most are, I highly recommend getting your ring insured.  If you own a home you can easily do this on your homeowner's insurance.  If not, there are plenty of agencies out there that will cover your ring for a low cost.  So if you ever lose your ring (God forbid!), you have it covered to be replaced.

Now I am of the mindset to never, ever, ever take off your ring.  Well, only if you're making meatballs or meatloaf or getting your hands super dirty.  But when you do take if off for those times only, you should have a special dish or box that you keep it in. (I personally  love The Mrs. Box).  Why should you wear it all of the time?  The more you take it off, the more you increase the chances of losing it!

Get your ring checked regularly.  Once a year is great if you can do it.  Most of the places at the malls will check your ring for you for free even if you didn't buy it there.  They check the prongs to make sure they are still nice and tight, they check the band and will even clean it for you.  With my wedding band, they even touched up the white gold that was turning yellow.

Whatever your ring size, color, stone, etc. it is very important to protect and preserve it so you can wear it for years to come!

Photo credit: Stacey Hedman Photography.

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