People travel to Cape Cod from all over the world for our spectacular beaches and natural beauty. That’s why keeping our natural environment and public spaces clean and litter free is at the forefront of CARE for the Cape & Islands’ new Cape Cod Recycles campaign.

It’s a new addition to the "Take Care" campaign designed to catch people’s attention and promote a fun but important reminder to consumers that recycling plays an important role in our efforts to keep Cape Cod pristine!

The new campaign introduces a local mascot named Slaps, a smiling blue whale holding a brightly colored ‘Cape Cod Recycles’ flag, who offers such encouraging words as “Cape up the Good Work.” You may notice the artwork in a variety of settings around the Cape, such as grocery stores, shops, beaches, parks and marinas. The overarching message is to reduce and reuse first in order to help eliminate unneeded single use items whenever possible that often end up as litter - and to help leave Cape Cod even better than it was when you arrived.

Anyone that wishes to support the campaign can take a pledge located on the Take Care Cape Cod website to reduce, reuse, recycle with additional reminders to pick up after one’s pet, skip the straw and encourage others to join them. And, anyone who wishes to get involved further through a cleanup can participate in “Think Like It’s 1620” by promising to cleanup in a location of their choice for 16 minutes and 20 seconds. Full details may be found here.

Whether you’re here for a day, a week, or all your life, you leave a footprint on our story. Make it a footprint you’re proud to leave behind. Join the cause and do your part to preserve and protect this beautiful region for future generations!

About the blogger: Jill Talladay is founder and executive director of CARE for the Cape & Islands.