Your personal flowers that is! What are personal flowers? Personals are bouquets for you and your bridesmaids, boutonnieres for the guys and flowers for special guests like parents, grandparents, ushers and readers.  Depending on the style and size of your wedding you may have some, none or all of these - so today we review your options and how you can even reuse them if possible!

Bridal Bouquet
Your bridal bouquet should be a beautiful culmination of flowers that you love and it doesn't necessarily have to match your look. We've seen bridal bouquets that are huge and filled with flowers, and we have seen some that are simple and just a couple of stems of delphinium orchids. Whatever it is you want, discuss the flowers you love with your florist and they will work on coming up with something that will fit your personality, your theme and your budget. Typically, bridal bouquets start around $150+ and they can be re-purposed on your head table or sweetheart table or just placed next to your cake.

Bridesmaid Bouquets
It is typical that your bridesmaids will carry bouquets as well, as without them they really don't have a place for their hands. These bouquets may be a smaller version of yours with a pop of color or they can be totally different.  They can each carry a different flower, just a stem or a bunch of flowers that mimic your overall look. Bridesmaids bouquets typically start around $85 and they can be reused as part of a centerpiece, on a mantle, on your escort card table or other clever places throughout your reception. Ask your planner or florist for ideas!

The groom and groomsmen are usually adorned with a boutonniere as well. For the guys, it's typical for the groom to have a special flower or two and then the groomsmen to have something similar but a lot smaller.  The groom may have something more neutral and the groomsmen have a pop of color. Ultimately it is up to you and the men! Boutonnieres start around $15 and are worn all night!  Others that wear boutonnieres are the fathers of the bride and groom, grandfathers, ring bearer (depending on his age) and ushers.

Mothers & Grandmothers
It is always such a nice gesture to honor the mothers and grandmothers at your wedding and there are a couple of ways you can do this. For moms, I always recommend asking if they want something and confirming what they want.  You can offer them a wrist corsage, a pin on, a posey (small bouquet) or a purse pin on. Sometimes moms decide they don't want to wear or carry anything, so it is best to give them the option.  For grandmothers we recommend either a wrist corsage or pin on corsage - but also best to check with them to see what will work with what they are wearing!

Flower Girl
Your adorable flower girl has so many options nowadays! From flower crowns to wands and baskets with petals, it all really depends on the age of your flower girl and what your ceremony venue will allow. Some churches do not allow for petals on the aisle, so be sure to check before you promise your flower girl tossing petals. 

Special Guests
There are always some special guests you want to honor at your wedding and flowers are a great way to do this. Those special guests would be God parents, your officiant (if he or she is a friend or family member) and readers. There are many styles to offer them - similar to the mothers, grandmothers and boutonnieres, it just depends on the guest and what they would prefer.

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