Planning a wedding requires so much time and energy. The perfect place, the perfect dress, the flowers, limos, hotel arrangements and the list goes on and on.

The wedding industry has grown exponentially and the latest article I read shows that the cost of a wedding on Cape Cod, MA is averaging about $52,000. I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing. It's a reality. That being said, if you are going to spend that much money on a wedding, the portion you are spending on photography should be at the top of your list.

We all know you need a photographer for your wedding. That's a fact. But with a plethora of choices out there how do you choose? This one is going to throw you for a loop. Use your gut instinct. Of course, do your research on the company you choose. Check the reviews, contact past brides, etc. But, the feeling you get from your photographer is key. Are they passionate about their work and the couples they work with? Do you get the feeling they will go above and beyond? 

If you get the vibe that you are hanging out with a good friend when you talk with your photographer then you know it's the right fit. If you get the vibe that a photographer is just telling you what you want to hear to get the job, then run - very fast.

Here's why: Your photographer is going to be with you from the very start of the day until the very end. They are going to run interference, if you need it. You will have many conversations before the wedding and they will know exactly what vibe you want to capture. Your photographer will know details of the families and will know how to handle special traditions you want to honor. Your photographer, as I see it, will be your new impartial best friend from the time you hire her/him. Don't trust this task to just anyone.

Here's another really important thing to ask when you are meeting with a photographer. If the company is a larger one, ask who your photographer will be and ask to meet them and see their wedding portfolio. Some companies have a large staff and the representative that you met with may not be the person that will be photographing your wedding day. The photos that you saw on the website may not be those of the actual photographer that will take your photos.

I am not saying that larger companies are not reputable, however, I am saying that you want to cover all your bases. With smaller companies, you know you are getting the owner - because that's the only option.

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About the blogger: Denise Pressman is the owner of Fleeting Moments Photography on Cape Cod. Photo credit is Fleeting Moments Photography.