Amidst the many changes of 2022, businesses are facing new connectivity and technological challenges. For example, organizations are concerned with natural disasters, such as nor’easter storms and their potential to strain communications and productivity this time of year.
In a world where Internet access means everything for businesses, being prepared is a must.
The winter storm season brings with it a special set of challenges and, depending on weather severity, organizations of all sizes may struggle to maintain operations without the right solutions in place. A business continuity plan and network reliability are crucial must-haves.
In Massachusetts and on the Cape, Comcast Business ensures that connectivity and network reliability remain a top priority. For example, we have invested billions of dollars in our smart, fast and reliable fiber-based network in the Commonwealth to make broadband widely available to more homes and businesses than anyone.
Comcast Business has continued to help businesses of all sizes – from local restaurants to large enterprises – stay connected. Our network and product suite are built to provide flexibility and quickly respond to shifts in usage, enabling businesses to remain agile regardless of unexpected events.
To that end, Comcast Business offers Connection Pro, a commercial-grade solution for power outages that provides an automatic 4G LTE wireless backup connection to help keep businesses of all sizes up and running for up to eight hours. The system is automatically triggered during an outage, so businesses can remain connected to the Internet—resulting in minimal downtime. Not only does Connection Pro provide a proactive solution, it offers peace of mind needed during storms and other crises.
Comcast Business is also dedicated to providing customer service support and ensuring organizations are prepared with cloud backups, safeguards against cyber-attacks, and more.
Locally, Luke’s Cape Cod Wine & Spirits has benefited from Connection Pro across its six locations and online delivery service on the Cape. "We're a multi-site business that depends on broadband service to process credit card transactions and order products for our customers. Connection Pro gives each store an ability to stay online and process all of our transactions even in the event of a power outage."
The Comcast Business team continuously tests, monitors and enhances the network to stay prepared and provide peak capacity to handle spikes and shifts in usage patterns. This includes the help of thousands of engineers across the organization who work to support customers, add capacity and, throughout emergencies, deliver the reliability, speeds and capacity customers need.

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