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Public Policy And Advocacy

Engagement in public policy and the lawmaking process is an important part of how the Chamber supports its members. If you are doing business on Cape Cod, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is your voice in government. As the Cape’s only regional business advocacy organization, we address issues of concern to your business on the local, state and federal levels. We work to ensure that government considers Cape business objectives and viewpoints, keep members informed on pressing issues, and coordinate political action as bills move through legislative bodies. 

The Cape region's greatest economic threats include: clean and healthy water resources, cross-canal transportation access, and adequate workforce housing. The region’s greatest economic opportunities include: full realization of the Blue Economy, quality public and private education, a top tier healthcare system and “healthiest communities” designation, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

  • A resilient economy and environment
  • Healthy and responsible economic growth
  • Livable communities for our workforce
  • Attractive communities for our visitors


Find the The Policy Pod here! This podcast series is produced by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and mixes interesting conversation with issues Cape Codders care about.

Barnstable County Elected Officials
Board of Regional Commissioners: Ronald Bergstrom, Sheila Lyons, Mark Forest

State Representatives: Sarah Peake, Christopher Flanagan, Kip Diggs, David Vieira, Dylan Fernandes, Steven Xiarhos 

State Senators: Julian Cyr, Susan Moran

Federal Representatives: Representative Bill Keating, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senator Ed Markey

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Our Work

Blue Economy

The mission of the Cape Cod Blue Economy Foundation is to grow the region’s economy in a sustainable and balanced way, focusing on protecting and promoting our water and coastal resources. 

Sustainable Tourism

Tourism is Massachusetts' third-largest industry, generating a $69 billion in economic impact and $16 billion in direct spending. It also provides $1.2 billion in state and local tax revenue and employs 376,000 workers directly.

Business Climate

Cape Cod is predominantly a small business region, with 95% of businesses having fewer than 20 employees and 65% having fewer than five. Regulatory compliance burdens hinder productivity and increase the cost of doing business.

Housing, Childcare, & Livability

The Housing to Protect Cape Cod initiative was launched by Housing Assistance Corporation, CCIAOR®, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, CapeBuilt Companies, and the Homebuilders and Remodelers of Cape Cod.

Energy & Environment

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce supports a balanced, stable and reliable energy portfolio for the Commonwealth that is cost-competitive, environmentally responsible and supports the resiliency of coastal regions.  


As a man-made island connected by two roadways and a rail line, constricted transportation access to and from the mainland is one of our greatest economic threats.