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The Policy Pod is the podcast series produced by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce that mixes interesting conversation with issues Cape Codders care about, with the goal of highlighting policies that support Cape Cod’s spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship and resiliency. Because tone matters, we take to the airwaves to share our thoughts and your ideas.

The inaugural season of the Policy Pod is supported by The Davenport Companies, a family-owned and operated business serving Cape Codders since 1956 with homes, health and wellness, entertainment, lodging, construction and stewardship of the place we all love.

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Access recent editions of the Policy Pod below:

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Cape Cod COVID-19 Update: The State of Business Post-Summer (10/7/20)
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Early Education and Childcare Virtual Town Hall (8/17/20)
The Future of Cape Cod Tourism in the Current and Post-COVID Era (8/11/20)
Reopening Cape Cod: A Discussion With State Senator Julian Cyr (7/24/20)
Replacing Cape Cod's Bourne and Sagamore Bridges (7/23/20)
Summer 2020 - Cape Cod is Open for Business (6/22/20)
Breaking News: Cape Cod Enters Phase 2 Reopening (6/6/20)
Details Released on How Cape Cod Prepares To Reopen (5/18/20)