J-1 Housing Program

J-1 Housing Program

What is the J-1 Visa? The J-1 Visa is a temporary, non-immigrant visa that allows foreign national students to live and work in the U.S. as part of cultural exchange programs that promote the sharing of knowledge and cultural understanding.  These are top college students with a variety of majors such as economics, architecture, engineering, and business.  They have become an essential part of the Cape Cod’s summer economy because they supplement the local workforce during the peak of our season.

After receiving a job offer, each J-1 student must secure housing before arriving in the US. Unfortunately, Cape Cod's tourist economy makes it difficult for them to secure safe and affordable accommodations. We rely on these students to fill summer jobs, so it’s up to us to find solutions to the problem of housing. Living in a local home ensures they can help support our seasonal business and have a positive cultural experience while in the U.S.

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, is currently looking for families willing to share their homes with one, two or more foreign exchange J-1 students coming to work on Cape Cod this summer! Hosting an exchange student gives you a chance to learn about new cultures, create lasting friendships and bring the world into your home and community. It's a great summer income opportunity as well- up to $150/week per student. . Students are responsible for their own transportation, food and household supplies. Hosting a J-1 Student FAQ >


Our Host Housing Process is as follows:

1 .Please complete our Host Family format at your convenience: https://forms.office.com/r/UYrgUPQBQ2

Consider what would make you feel comfortable when you write your house rules. Also, decide on the rent that you want to charge. Host families usually charge around $150/week per student. A brief site visit will be coordinated at your convenience.

2. We review host forms and student applications based on location, preferences, interests, etc. to make the best possible match. Next, we inform potential host families and students, and we provide contact information so you can email your expected summer students, confirm housing, and arrange for arrival.

Application Form for J-1 students interested in finding housing: https://forms.office.com/r/G7D0x0wkbD

Have Questions? Contact Christina Arabadzhieva, Workforce Housing Coordinator at the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce.

Christina recently conducted an interview with Brian Engles, from WCAI Radio on the status of J-1 students and housing for this summer.
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