In addition to being asked to predict vacation rental demand and the expected number of beach days, the Cape Cod Chamber is routinely asked to give another forecast each summer: How will the hydrangeas fare this year? 


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The beautiful, sometimes color-changing, hydrangea flowers are a symbol of summer on Cape Cod. Hydrangeas are also the signature flower of the Cape, though they are a bit of a washashore as flowers go, not originally native to the region.  


The hydrangea thrives in the Cape’s sandy, acidic soil, treating residents and visitors to a showy display of blue, pink, and white flowers each summer season. Hydrangea devotees tend to their plants with great care, pruning carefully to avoid snipping off the buds and, in some cases, amending the soil to get just the right pH (this can affect the flower color in some varieties). 


Last year hydrangea growers were thrown off their game when a late-season hard freeze killed off most of the flower buds. But just like the Cape itself, the region’s beloved hydrangea is resilient. Gardening experts are predicting this year will be one of the best in recent memory for stunning flower displays.  


If you’re looking for the best way to see the iconic Cape hydrangeas in full bloom, mark your calendars for the Chamber’s 10th annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival, set for July 5-14. In addition to celebrating the region’s signature bloom, the festival spotlights flowers, plants, and gardens of all kinds across the Cape.  


The ten-day festival features daily tours of 100-plus private gardens, each designed and maintained by individual homeowners. Garden-goers pay $5 per garden, with proceeds going to support more than 30 local nonprofits.  


While the Cape Cod Chamber is the main steward of this beloved festival, there are many partners that make the event possible, hosting themed events or contributing in other ways. Check out our website for a full list of partners, events, and other festival details. 


Events like the annual Hydrangea Festival draw visitors and locals alike to share in the enjoyment of what makes our region unique, right down to the soil.