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Celebrating the Fourth of July on Cape Cod

As we prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, it is essential to reflect on what this holiday means for Cape Cod. The Fourth of July weekend is not only a time for celebration but also a vital economic driver for Cape Cod. It marks the beginning of our peak tourism season. Millions of visitors…

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CEO Corner: Not Your Average Chamber

When it was founded in 1921, the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce sought “to promote the prosperity and general welfare” of Cape Cod, advocating for construction of the original Canal bridges, along with water quality and economic development. It’s striking how these priorities have remained relatively…

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CEO Corner: 10 Years, Endless Inspiration

In addition to being asked to predict vacation rental demand and the expected number of beach days, the Cape Cod Chamber is routinely asked to give another forecast each summer: How will the hydrangeas fare this year? The beautiful, sometimes color-changing, hydrangea flowers are a symbol of…

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