Sales means revenue which is the driver of all businesses, small and large. There are basically two sources of revenue with your current line of offerings: (1) selling to existing customers – either more of the same or different products or services than they are currently buying.  And, (2) new customers where you have to generate the opportunity to sell them that starts with a lead.  

Review your website’s call to action and SEO. Google yourself to see where you are on the search page when you type in your business name. If you are not 1, 2 or 3 then you might have your webmaster or whoever is responsible for the maintenance of your website to check out the SEO, (search engine optimization) the key words and the links.

Become a knowledge leader. Buyers are thirsty for knowledge. They want to know the details behind the “headlines”. They want answers to their questions, like “why does the food on the top shelf of my refrigerator freeze?” Your website can be the FAQ center for buyers or prospects.  

Measure what’s working and do more of it.  As a marketer you have a number of tools, both traditional and digital, to generate leads. Make a list of all those vehicles you are using, then, keep track of results.  

Give something of value to generate a lead. The key is “something of value”. If you offer junk, you get junk leads in return. The biggest issue with giveaways is that they are over-attracting and nonselective. However, if you create a white paper or a checklist that applies to solving customer problems, you will generate qualifiable leads.