In my previous post Ribbon Cutting Top Tips I covered five tips to make your ribbon cutting a success: Call your Local Chamber of Commerce, Invite Everyone, Live Stream on Social Media, and Take a Ton of Photos. But there’s more! Here are five fun additions to the Top Tips list to make your ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration an undeniable success.

Have it on a Weekday
Trust me on this one, okay? Having your ribbon cutting on the weekend sounds like fun, but you’ll have a much harder time getting anyone who works in offices like Chambers of Commerce, banks, and town halls to attend. 

If you’re a business that plans to be open weekdays anyway, then this makes a lot of sense. For retailers and service providers who expect more business on the weekends, then having your ribbon cutting on a slower paced day also makes sense. Instead of breaking up your day of steady customers with a ribbon cutting, plan the celebration for a slower day. This may make it easier for your neighborhood businesses to attend too.

Food & Drinks are a Must at Any Time of Day
You may not think that coffee is going to attract people to your ribbon cutting. Well, um, you’re wrong. I don’t even drink coffee, but I would rather go to a morning time ribbon cutting where the consideration of coffee was given vs one where it was not. 

Having an afternoon event? You don’t need to feed anyone a full meal, but a plate of cheese and fruit or a local ice cream truck parked out front are going to draw people in and keep them at your business longer.

What about an evening event? Unless your business serves adult beverages and you’re offering a tasting, then serving free alcohol might not be a fiscally sound move for your ribbon cutting. Instead, provide some light refreshments or desserts with some sparkling drinks. Keep it light.

Don’t want to splash out for refreshments? Ask your Chamber of Commerce to connect you with someone in your neighborhood who might be willing to help out, like a local coffee shop who might be willing to donate something in exchange for some positive publicity or a barter. 

Host a Special Sale or Giveaway for Guests
Getting people to show up for a free mini donut is one thing. Getting them to buy a dozen before they go back to the office is another thing. Offer a special coupon, sale price, exclusive item, or little gift with your business information attached for anyone who attends your ribbon cutting. Some businesses will offer a special grand opening sale on select items for a few days surrounding the ribbon cutting to keep the celebrations going. The offer of a giveaway or special discount will also encourage more first-time customers who were not already familiar with what your business has to offer. 

Be Creative and Have Fun!
Here are a few fun ideas we’ve seen to help you think outside the box… 

  • Did you know you can buy environmentally friendly confetti? You can, and maybe you should!
  • Own a landscaping company? Cut your ribbon with garden sheers! (Please be careful, though.)
  • Opening a boutique? Pair your ribbon cutting with a fashion show staring some of your best customers. 
  • Run a bakery? Break bread instead of cutting ribbon.

The grand opening of your business is YOURS. Whether you’re moving to a new spot, opening an additional location, or brand new, the celebration is YOURS too. You’re allowed to have a good time. Plus, creative ideas will help people remember you and your business.