As I write this, the Cape Cod Chamber’s Business Blog, affectionately referred to here as Biz Bites, is only a handful of blog posts long and a couple of weeks old. It’s a new space we’re building. 

Who are “we”? 
We are authors, experts, insiders, leaders, chamber staff, board members, locals, influencers, owners, managers, and we’re all Cape Cod Chamber members. 

Sounds like quite a crowd! Because it is.

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based organization. This means that businesses and organizations from the region willingly invest in the Chamber through annual membership dues. That investment means different outcomes to different businesses. Some businesses have invested in the Chamber because they see value in advertising to visitors or residents with guests trying to plan the perfect Cape Cod adventure. Some businesses see their membership investment as an investment in the economic viability of their community. Some businesses value building communities, friendships, and networks through their membership – through belonging.

It’s a large crowd with different desires and different values, but we are one community. There’s no better crowd for a blog than this one. So here we are, building this space together. 

What exactly are we “building”?
Biz Bites is going to become home to a vast library of information. Over time, blog posts will highlight local businesses and their owners. You’ll find articles and how-to posts related to specific industries or towns or times of year. We’ll share struggles and successes through stories. 

Why are we building it?
Every DIY website builder from WordPress to Square Space has a “blog” tab. Reasons for why a company would have a blog on their website ranges. A blog can help a website gain visibility in online searches and yield more results when a website visitor uses the “search” function to find specific content on a website. 

Blogs can also be great platforms for communication. A blog can give a customer, member, or client important information about what a company is working on at the time of publishing or what they hope to accomplish soon. A blog is a tool for sharing more about what it is a company does or how a company operates. It’s a great place to share stories and ideas. Think TED talks but in written form.

Our reason for launching Biz Bites is to build a library of information and a platform for communication. We want to share stories. Yes, Cape Cod Chamber staff will contribute. You’ll hear from me regularly. You’ll also hear from other members of the membership team, from the CEO, and VP of Tourism Marketing among others. Primarily, though, you’ll see contributions to Biz Bites from our members. That’s you. We’re creating this space so YOU can share YOUR voice and your expertise with each other. 

How can you add your voice? 
This space is yours, so how do you add your posts? Here are three steps to follow… 

Step one, make sure your Cape Cod Chamber membership is active and up to date through the member portal. If you’re not sure how to do this, give us a call! You can reach me, Katy Acheson, by emailing or calling me at 508-744-5564. 

Step two, check that your contribution meets these basic guidelines
•    Around 600 – 700 words in length 
•    Provides value to your readers
•    Leaves your readers with a call to action 
•    Is accompanied by a copyright-free image (this can NOT be a logo) that is 1500 pixels wide by 475 pixels high
•    Is NOT just a sales pitch for your business

Step three, email your contribution to

Viola! That’s it. That’s how we build this together.