It’s no secret that everything is more expensive these days, from food to gasoline – and the energy used to power your home or business is no exception. Due to high demand and lagging production, exacerbated by global conflict, energy prices are climbing. But simple steps, like improving your building’s energy efficiency, can help to minimize the impact these prices will have on your energy bills this winter. 

Assess Your Building
According to ENERGY STAR®, the average commercial building wastes around 30% of the energy it uses. The best way to discover how you can save energy is to have an energy assessment of your space. Home and business energy assessments are available at no cost to owners and renters, and can qualify you for low- to no-cost incentives for efficiency improvements like weatherization, which can help lower your energy use this winter and for years to come.

Upgrade Your HVAC System
Heat pumps are the new standard for efficient heating and cooling systems, and Cape Light Compact has significant rebates to help you make the switch. But if you’re not ready for a new HVAC system, schedule a tune-up of your existing system to make sure it’s performing as efficiently as possible this winter. 

Minimize “Energy Vampires” and Make Your Appliances Work Smarter
With energy prices projected to rise significantly, items that you keep plugged in might start to affect your energy bill more than you’re used to. Make it a habit to unplug chargers and turn off devices like computers when you’re not using them. Plus, using advanced power strips can help to lower energy use if you forget to unplug a device. 

In the winter months, switching to a smart thermostat can help you save on heating without having to lift a finger. Plus, water-saving accessories like faucet aerators can save your business energy by lowering your hot water usage.

Look for huge rebates and discounts on those accessories, and lots of other appliances, through Cape Light Compact and the Mass Save® Online Business Marketplace.

Ditch the Drafts
If your doors and windows are letting cold air leak in, try DIY weatherization for your home. Get instant rebates on weatherstripping, window-insulating plastic wrap, pipe wrap, and more on the Mass Save Online Marketplace. Not only will you save energy all season long – your home will be much more comfortable on those chilly days.

Investigate Your Electric Supplier
You may be paying more than you need to for electricity. Municipal aggregators like Cape Light Compact, which serves Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, purchase power on behalf of customers, often at prices lower than the local utility. In addition to Terms and Conditions that protect its consumers, Cape Light Compact is a green aggregator, meaning it matches customers’ annual electricity usage with voluntary Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) above the mandated state requirements. So not only can you potentially reduce your electric rate through an aggregator – you can feel good about supporting the development of renewable energy resources and rest assured that the Cape Light Compact is putting the interests of its customers first.

The Bottom Line
It’s never been a better time to make your home or business more energy efficient. Through energy efficiency measures, you can minimize an increased energy bill this winter, while making your building occupants more comfortable. Plus, reducing energy use is better for the planet. Start saving energy today! 

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