Cape Cod Quahog Day

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The 6th Annual Quahog Day took place at the Hy-Line Cruises' dock on Onset Pier in Onset  - in celebration of the Cape Cod Canal Centennial in 2014 - on the First Day of Summer, June 21st. Doug whispered his summer prediction into the ear of his righthand man Johnny Quahog: 93.6 days of beach weather, and only dark and stormy at the bars!

WHDH News Reporter Susan Tran emceed this year's event, and celebrity chef Ben Sargent joined the fun as the Head of this Quahog Security. The crowd was also entertained by the Buzzards Bay Buccaneers, a rowdy group of pirates charged with guarding the Buzzards Bay waters.

The Cape's beloved hard-shelled mollusk - "Doug" - has been the peninsula's little weather soothsayer for the past four years.

Quahog Day, now a rite of passage into summer on Cape Cod, answers the all-important question “How many weeks of beach weather lie ahead on the Cape?  Doug, a small mollusk perched in a red velvet-lined clamming basket, delivers the official prognostication to his human sidekick, Johnny Quahog, also affectionately known as The Secretary General of Quahog Republic.

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Watch video from the 6th Annual Quahog Day! Video footage provided by Shoreline Media Productions.

Check out Doug's new theme song, written by Andrew Rapo of Quahog Corner and nominated for a 2014 New England Emmy Award!

Ever wonder how Doug the Quahog first launched from the dinner plate right into the spotlight? "Behind the Mollusk: The Story of Johnny & Doug" traces Doug’s story from start to finish...the life of this successful New England Prognosticator lies much deeper than his hard shell! Check out Doug's story in the video below!