Upper Cape Cod | Maritime Meanderings

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1. Cape Cod Canal Cruises
The canal is forever iconic.  It means you’ve reached Cape Cod—so why not explore it more with one of many different cruise options? From family-friendly to cocktail cruises, there’s a cruise for everyone to enjoy while also seeing the mesmerizing canal. 

2. Massachusetts Maritime Academy 
No matter whether you’re college age or not, strolling around Massachusetts Maritime Academy and learning what they do is an experience in itself. Between exploring their sports fields to exploring their voyage maps, MMA is an interesting look into maritime business, and has interesting ship models in their library. 

3. National Marine Life Center 
The National Marine Life Center is one of many examples of the hard work by many Cape Codders to keep our environment clean and safe. From wetlands to eelgrass; boating to swimming; enjoying and exploring, the National Marine Life Center is definitely a place on the Cape to see. 

4. Bourne Historical Society & Aptucxet Trading Post 
Between revealing in the full history of the Aptucxet trading post where the Plymouth colony used to trade with the Dutch and the Natives and exploring the 12 acres of land on the Bourne Historical Society’s wonderful property, people of all ages will find something fun!

5. Wings Neck Lighthouse
Wing’s Neck Lighthouse is your chance to genuinely feel like a lighthouse keeper. You get a spectacular view of Buzzards Bay and easy access to the area around it, and can even rent the house to have a great get into the house itself and have some fun!
617-899-5063 for rentals

6. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Visitor Center
The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute opens up the world of marine life to you.   Instead of having to go all the way to some fancy aquarium (although you can go to their aquarium nearby), WHOI is a Cape-esque place to learn all the same things—and even gives you the possibility to go beyond just the inside and explore through walking tours.  

7. Woods Hole Science Aquarium 
Seals, lobsters, and starfish, oh my! While there’s not quite a yellow brick road at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium, there’s something classic and fun for all ages who want to go!

8. Nobska Lighthouse
If you some time before your boat to Martha’s Vineyard, visiting Nobska Lighthouse can be a scenic drive to a beautiful destination. Besides just seeing another amazing Cape view, the inner explorer can come out searching through the grounds below the lighthouse and the history of the lighthouse itself.

9. Falmouth Historical Society & Museums on the Green  
Whether you want to hear the untold stories of Falmouth and the old captain’s stories, or simply enjoy the beautiful green, Falmouth Historical Society & Museums on the Green is a wonderful place to enjoy the Cape Cod setting. 

10. The Waquoit Bay Reserve 
From camping to summer science school to volunteering, the Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve has everything. The reserve brings people of all ages together to learn, explore, and fall in love with every part of Cape Cod’s natural beauty.  

11. Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe
Learning about the Wampanoag Tribe’s past and future is at your fingertips when you visit the many facilities of the Masphee Wampanoag Tribe.  Start with the government center and museum.  

12. Sandwich Fish Hatchery
Watching glittering fish glide through the water is appealing to anyone, and at the Sandwich Fish Hatchery, it’s something the whole family can enjoy. From feeding the fish to learning about their care and, of course, observing their beautiful swimming, it’s an adorable adventure for all.  

13. Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center 
The Cape Cod Canal Visitor Center, run by the Army Corps of Engineers, leaves all visitors with plenty of different activities to do that all let you not only learn about the canal’s history, but enjoy its beauty too.