Outer Cape Cod | Maritime Meanderings

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1. The Penniman House
Besides just the unconventional colors on the outside of the house, there is so much more to the Penniman house than just that. With the rich history in whaling, along with the rest of New England available to learn about, and the Fort Hill trails right behind the house to explore, The Penniman House is a way to see and explore the outer region of the Cape. And if nothing else interests you, the whale bones outside it always make for a cool picture. 

2. Fort Hill
If you want to explore the greener parts of the Cape, along with marshlands and a view of the beach, Fort Hill is the place to go. With the Penniman House right there, you can get your fix of cool Cape history along with the amazing views the Cape has to offer.

3. First Encounter Beach
Besides just being a perfect place to spend a Cape Cod day, First Encounter Beach also marks the first encounter between the Natives and the Pilgrims—making it not only purely gorgeous but also historically significant. Look for the markers.

4. Salt Pond Visitor Center
As the heart of the National Seashore, the Salt Pond Visitor Center brings together all the various pieces and places of the Seashore into one, very informational, facility equipped with numerous fun ways for the Cape knowledge to spread.  

5. Three Sisters Lights
Between exploring the lighthouses themselves and finding out about their many moves,  visiting the Three Sisters Lighthouses is a way to take in the history of Eastham lighthouses.

6. Nauset Light
What better view of the Nauset area can you get than from Nauset Light itself? Aside from its rich history, the view will interest everyone.

7. Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore  
For those interested in the iconic Cape Cod National Seashore landscape and amenities, becoming a part of and working with the Friends of the Cape Cod National Seashore could be right up your alley! The FCCNS focuses on being the support of the CCNS, and in turn making our Cape environment as amazing as it is. And, they have great events all summer long. 

8. SPAT/Wellfleet Oysterfest
Fall on the Cape wouldn’t be the same without the Wellfleet Oyster Festival bringing an opening to the local’s summer and the local markets that the Cape treasures.  Wellfleet SPAT, Shellfish Promotion, and Tasting, Inc. runs other programs as well as supports our local shellfisheries!  

9. Truro Historical Society 
Events, archives, museums, and children's programming makes the Truro Historical Society able to keep the historical Truro community vibrant while also getting in touch with all ages. 

10. Highland Light
Besides being a historic classic Cape lighthouse, Highland Light is special.  With local events around the year and tours available to increase your Cape lighthouse collected knowledge, a great spot to stop. 

11. Old Harbor Life-Saving House
Visiting Old Harbor Life-Saving Station gives you a glimpse of the past and the heroic endeavors that you can now experience through insightful tours and re-enactments.  508-487-1256

12. Race Point Light 
From Cape Codders themselves to tourists, Race Point Light is not a sight to miss! Giving one of the best views on the Cape, everyone and anyone can enjoy this site!

13. Provincetown Public Library 
Like any library on the Cape, Provincetown Public Library is a perfect place to sit back, get caught up in a good book, and simply enjoy. However, unlike any other, PPL has a unique installation on an upper floor.  Wander up and explore.   A great spot to stop in while wandering along Commercial Street. 

14. Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum 
Along with getting the pure history of Provincetown, visiting the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum will give you one of the best views in town (while also setting you up for a nice workout). The combination of fascinating history and the breathtaking views, the Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum is a can’t-miss spot!  

15. Center for Coastal Studies
From putting naturalists on the Dolphin Fleet Whale boats to guided sea walks, lectures to beach clean ups, the Center for Coastal Studies has everything to do for those who want to learn more about our beautiful Cape environment. They even offer guided tidal flats trips that can give far more insight than a simple brochure.   

16. Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch
Where else is there to get a whole lesson on whales and all the maritime life around us than on an actual whale watch? With their focus on not only enjoying the whales of the waters but also teaching people about the maritime environment, the Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch is like no other!   

17. Wood End Light
If you’re looking for an adventure through the natural Cape Cod marsh landscape with a sightseeing spot at the end, look no further than Wood End Light. While the journey there may be rough, it’s worth it to explore and see the view from this unmanned lighthouse in a classic Cape Cod marsh.

18. Long Point Light
Right inside the busy Provincetown streets, Long Point Light can be a beacon of quiet, but also a jump to the historical culture in Provincetown.