Mid Cape Cod - Maritime Meanderings

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1. Osterville Historical Museum
Exploring a house, learning about the old Crosby Yacht Yard fire, and learning about the historical village of Osterville, Osterville Historical Society is a place for all. And if you visit on certain days in the summer, you can even explore a farmer’s market while you’re there!

2. Hyannis Harbor & Cruises
An entire array of adventures exists at the Hyannis Harbor:  arts shanties, restaurants, pirate boats, fishing boats, harbor cruises and more.  And, you can follow the HyArts signs into town for more maritime depictions. 

3. Cape Cod Maritime Museum 
While the Cape Cod maritime culture visually runs deep within the culture, a fun way to see and experience it for yourself is by visiting the Cape Cod Maritime Museum. With its easy accessibility to the Hyannis waterfront or ferries to both islands, take a quick minute to stop by and see what maritime culture means to Cape Cod. 

4. Whydah Pirate Museum
From kids to adults, getting to act like a pirate while walking through a recreated pirate ship and seeing real artifacts is not an experience to pass up!”

5. West Dennis Light 
Sitting at the Lighthouse Inn gives you a way to combine eating or taking out a jet ski to get close to the West Dennis Light and explore the coast.  You can also learn about local history within the Inn itself.  

6. 1867 West Dennis Grade School House and Maritime Museum
While the learning is all the same (maybe slightly), visiting the 1867 West Dennis Graded School is an experience of its own. Along with the Maritime Museum, the Graded School is a learning experience for all—and simply more fun than real school! 

7. Shiverick Shipyard Marker
The shipyard and whaling business of the Cape shaped years of its development.  Not only through its economic success but also with what it left behind: its captain’s houses and shipyards. Looking at Shiverick Shipyard’s marker gives you a reason to delve into the individual story of the unparalleled shipbuilding Shiverick brothers during the “Golden Age of Sail.” 

8. Captain Bangs Hallet House
While learning about old sea captains is fun, exploring their houses and the treasures they brought back can be even more! The Captain Bangs Hallet House gives people of all ages a way to look into the house and its treasures, as well as easy access to walking trails nearby.

9. Barnstable Harbor EcoTours 
The Barnstable Harbor EcoTours detail the scenery and the history of Barnstable Harbor while setting the tone for the surrounding village—making the visit so much more genuine.  And what a great way to explore the Bay!  

10. Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises
You can see an array of different whales in the Cape Cod waters— rated in the top ten places to whale watch— with Hyannis Whale Watchers.  Hop on at  Barnstable Harbor and head out to Stellwagen Bank with a guided exploration and sightseeing

11. Sandy Neck Lighthouse
There’s no better way to explore the North side of the mid-Cape than checking out the Sandy Neck Lighthouse. Not only do you get a fantastic view of the North side, you get to learn some of its history too!

12. Coast Guard Heritage Museum
Placed right in quaint Barnstable Village, the Coast Guard Museum gives you wonderful  Coast Guard history.  Exhibits are placed throughout the small brick building, but what may catch more attention is the curious history of the museum itself. 

13. Sturgis Library  
Beside being another one of the “cute” Cape Cod libraries, the Sturgis Library is also the oldest library in the United States along with one of the oldest buildings on the Cape. It’s history and books alike make it a place for all ages. 

14. Captain John “Mad Jack” Percival’s Grave
If you’ve ever heard the story of Captain John “Mad Jack” Percival (highly recommended story), visiting his grave site is a must-do while going around the Cape. Google him while you’re there!