Lower Cape Cod | Maritime Meanderings

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1. Cape Cod Museum of Natural History 
No matter the age, The Cape Cod Museum of Natural History excites all that come by with exhibits and programs, guided walks and acres of land for everyone to explore on their own. It is full of fun historical Cape Cod facts and objects. 

2. Brewster Historical Society & Captain Elijah Cobb House
Brewster Historical Society has everything from galleries and extensive research documents to an incredible historic windmill at Drummer Boy Park and 1.35 acres to explore! 

3. CG36500 Motor Lifeboat 
Whether it’s fame from the recent movie The Finest Hour or just interest in Cape history that peeks your interest, checking out the CG36500 delves into the classic Cape history far more than a movie could ever do. 

4. The Rock Harbor Charter Service 
Even for the most novice fishers, Rock Harbor Charter Service can show you the ropes (get it? boat) of fishing while setting off in one of the best spots for striped bass, bluefish, shark, and bluefin tuna fishing.

5. Blue Claw Boat Tours
Experience a boat tour like no other.  Blue Claw Boat Tours offers different options: seal watch cruises, beachcomber expeditions, full moon tours and sunset tours to get a unique view.  They specialize in tours directly made for you!  

6. Chatham Fish Pier and Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance Pier Program
Day in and day out, residents and tourists alike can be found by the Chatham Fish Pier to see the hustle and bustle of boats coming in with seals in tow and having great food while they watch.  Between the views, food, and close by adventures, the Chatham Fish Pier is a perfect stop for a Chatham day. And, there is no better way to really hear all about the fishing process on Cape Cod (and even getting some good cooking tips) than listening to a panel with some of the big-time fisherman in the community at their nearby headquarters! 

7. Chatham Historical Society & Atwood House 
Between the beautiful grounds of the Chatham Historical Society, the history of the Atwood House, and the many galleries open for viewing, a day at the Atwood House and Chatham Historical Society will bring together the art culture and the environmental view of the lower Cape. 

8. Chatham Light
Previously home to many of the shipwrecks in the 20th century, the Chatham waters 
are still surveyed by the Chatham Lighthouse now rich with stories to tell and sights to see.

9. Monomoy Island Ripper
To experience a one-of-the kind day around Monomoy bay, check out the Rip Rider with a few friends to view the shores, kick-back, and hit the best fishing spots too! 

10. Stage Harbor Lighthouse 
While exploring Chatham, Stage Harbor Lighthouse is a sight to see from close-by Harding’s Beach with its rich history and interesting look— with or without the mysterious Chatham fog.

11. Monomoy Island Excursions
Exploring Monomoy Island couldn’t be better between the catamaran ride and the guided tour—all the while you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of seal-covered shores of the Cape.  

12. Wychmere (Harwich town pier)
Besides the usual picturesque view of the Cape, Wychmere has a great history from its purposeful name to the drama and success of previous people involved. 

13. Harwich Historical Society & Brooks Academy Museum  
From “cranberry culture” knowledge, to an academy, to documents, a barn, and even a collection of decoys, nothing holds as much as the Harwich Historical Society! Between learning about today’s culture to learning about the past, you can get it all from visiting the Harwich Historical Society & Brooks Academy Museum!