Preu Photography and Heart Pottery

1145 Main Street
Brewster, MA 02631
(508) 896-6189

Diane Heart and Mark Preu are a creative husband and wife team with a studio on Main Street in Brewster!

About Diane:

Currently I favor crafting high-fire porcelain ware (though raku fired pieces continue to be a significant part of my artistic repertoire). Porcelain lends itself to the kind of carving and reshaping I like to do once I’ve thrown a piece on the wheel. When it comes to glazes, the ocean inspires me to create a watercolor effect on my pieces. My goal is to bring these technical and aesthetic elements together in order to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort in my pieces. 

About Mark:

I have a life-long connection to Cape Cod, spending every summer of my youth here, and have been a year-round resident since 1971.  Using my knowledge of the area, and observing the weather, light, tides and seasons, I capture familiar places in exceptional moments.  I was first introduced to photography in high school,and for years it was my hobby.  In 1994 I chose to start selling my work.  In addition to my local work, I also have a collection of my photography from my travels.