Linger Longer By the Sea

261 Linnell Rd. P.O Box 1880
Brewster, MA 02631
(508) 896-7714

Nestled in the beach grass at the end of a quiet lane, Linger Longer By The Sea has been a haven for families, retirees, and visitors from all over the globe for over 50 years. Come bask in the soothing breezes and white sand on our private beach, while the kids run rampant on the tidal flats or splash in the gentle waves. Take a long, romantic stroll on the beach at sunset, or go for a bike ride on over 30 miles of bicycle-only trails, just a 5 minute ride from your door. Come once and you'll be hooked, just like our many, many returning guests, who come back year after year, in some cases for as many as 50 years!