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Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital - Cape Cod

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    As a rehabilitation hospital, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Cape Cod offers specialized programs and provides more medical, nursing and therapy services than are offered at nursing homes.Our certification by Medicare as a rehabilitation hospital means our patients benefit from round-the-clock physician coverage. A physician is always on-site, even during nights, weekends and holidays. An average of 3 hours of therapy a day - tailored to each patient's needs and abilities -- to give each patient the best chance for recovery. Therapy is offered on weekends, too. .RHCI's inpatient nursing staff includes Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRN) and nurses skilled in treating patients with complex medical needs. CRRNs are Registered Nurses who have had additional training in how to support the patient through the rehabilitation process. RHCI's nurses are experienced in caring for patients with feeding tubes and other feeding systems, tracheostomies and other breathing devices. They are also skilled in monitoring heart rhythm and providing wound care. RHCI's nurses are critical members of each patient's care team. Though the nurse-to-patient ratio may vary slightly at times, our 1 to 6 average is one of the highest in the region.
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