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SIPS Cape Cod

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     Cape Cod is home to a multitude of sea life, science life and cultural life. All of the villages that make up
    the Cape have a unique niche, so worth exploring. With the eruption of craft
    breweries, wineries, distilleries and a cidery, the timing was perfect to showcase
    our lively and sophisticated drinking culture.

    Sips Cape Cod is the bridge to the distance between enjoying a drink and exploring our villages.

    Sips Cape Cod removes your geographical constraints
    Sips Cape Cod enables you to meet like-minded people
    Sips Cape Cod exposes you to the local libations, pairings and sundries

    Sips Cape Cod offers a variety of tours from fun casual to artistic and educational.

    Our motto is eat, drink and stay merry- leave the driving to us.
    Sips Cape Cod is here to enhance your summer experience.
    So sit back, relax and enjoy our many drinking adventures.

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