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Sensational Showers LLC

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    Sensational Showers was born in 2011 from a general obsession with cosmetics and bath products, as well as my need to provide friends and family with an innovative new gift. My scrubs and bombs were not the typical wine bottle or picture frame given at every birthday party or bridal shower. Scrubs and bombs are a not only an economic and easy way to pamper yourself, but also a brilliant convenience that gives your loved ones the ability to do the same. Our products are made from carefully selected, natural ingredients, and hand-crafted with love to give you a truly unique experience that satisfies your senses. Please visit for detailed info on our product lines which range from exfoliating scrubs to moisturizers, and even custom face and hand towels. SENSATIONAL SHOWERS SIGNATURE SCENTS - Vanilla Lavender - Pink Sugar - Kiwi Sage - Grapefruit Peppermint Have a favorite scent or flavor not on our list? Drop us a line to learn more about our custom consultations to cater your needs!