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Salty Mermaid Vacation Property Consultant Cape Cod

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    With so many scams, you need someone to advocate for you and check on that vacation property and make sure it is legitimate. I am here to make sure your vacation is the best experience possible. My name is Lanna Heart and I have lived on Cape my whole life. I truly love this place. 

    My "day job" is at Cape Cod Hospital, and I have been there for the last 28 years.  Living on this sandbar for so long cultivates a wonderful network of amazing people. I am dedicated to making sure all who visit the Cape have a wonderful experience and love it here as much as I do. 

    I will work with property owners photograph and inspect the location of the property you are interested in booking. 

    My clients are my number one priority.  I will reach out to the property owner and discuss any concerns prior to your booking, on your behalf.  Being a local, I have a unique ability to communicate in person prior to your booking.


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