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ReRoute Americas

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    ReRoute Americas is an American owned and operated company headquartered in the United States that is committed to helping the restaurant industry meet the challenging needs of supply and demand as well as address food safety and third-party delivery platforms. As a supply chain innovator and disruptor, ReRoute Americas offers an alternative to buyers by partnering with North, Central, and South American manufacturing companies to bring high-quality products at a more affordable rate with faster delivery times to The United States. A sampling of those products includes our Agave Straws and Cutlery. These products are made from the biproduct of the Agave plant and compost in less than 240 days and offer a fantastic alternative to paper and plastic straws and cutlery while also being good for the environment. ReRoute’s team is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service while being socially, environmentally, and economically conscious. Above all, ReRoute Americas is committed to having a positive environmental and social impact so the earth and all those living on it will benefit. Please contact us at or 1-833- TO GO USA (864-6872) to find out more information about us and our product lines.
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