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Protect Our Past

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    Too often, historic houses are being demolished. We are losing the historic charm of our communities at an exponential rate. Preservation firms and organizations work hard every day to slow this rate; but oftentimes, there is too much to be done. Protect Our Past recognizes the need for assistance and hopes to help in more ways than one. These days, the influence of media is what sparks some of the most change. Today POP is focused on POP Clips - producing short films that address the issues swirling around the field of preservation to better educate the general public. By dispelling misinformation, Protect Our Past will alert, motivate, and support communities about why and how to successfully save historic properties in the United States. At Protect Our Past, we strive to shed light on the issues reoccurring in the demolition of historic homes. By donating to our cause, you can also help bring attention to these problems in a way that spreads information best through the power of the screen, both big and small.
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