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Peak Season Workforce

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    If you need international staff for a seasonal business but are troubled by the maze of federal requirements, we can help. For more than a decade, Peak Season Workforce has successfully helped businesses - small and large - to navigate intricate government filings to successfully obtain H-2B work visas.

    As a client of Peak Season Workforce, you are personally guided through the process, step by step, by a skilled and knowledgeable team led by Jane Nichols Bishop, known affectionately worldwide as “Mama Visa” and Joe Bishop. You may provide your own workers or choose from our roster of hundreds of carefully-selected men and women from around the world who are eager to work at your hard-to-fill, seasonal jobs.

    Current or Prospective Clients - The best way to contact Jane Nichols Bishop is via e-mail at [email protected] or call/text to 508-292-3536.

    Workers - Please use the e-mail address and text number above, or contact Joe Bishop at [email protected] or text to 508-292-4522. Due to the large number of phone calls received, it is not always possible to return worker calls.

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