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Nye Museum

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    The Nye Family of America Association, Inc. is an historic non-profit organization with the following interests: First, we preserve, restore, and open to the public seasonally the Benjamin Nye Homestead & Museum.  It is the oldest house in East Sandwich, built in 1678 by one of the first settlers of Sandwich.  Benjamin Nye (1620-1706) was a farmer, miller, and active citizen. Second, we serve as an organization for Nye family descendants.  We have two volumes of published genealogy available, ongoing collection of family data which is available on, a reunion held every other year, a fall newsletter and an e-newsletter.  Our membership and Board of Trustees does include people who are not Nye descendants, but who wish to support our museum and projects. Third, we own two other historic buildings adjacent to the Homestead & Museum.   The East Sandwich Grange Hall, built in 1889 was once the home of East Sandwich Grange #139, a farm family fraternity which did much to improve life for the rural population.  We continue that heritage by operating the hall for community benefit in modern terms – meetings, music, contra-dancing, yoga classes, historic programs and small private gatherings.

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