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MG Lighting, Inc.

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    I am a lighting consultant, and have been involved with lighting industry for over 30 years.  In 1985 I incorporated these experiences to establish my own business, M.G. Lighting.  

    I have been "Painting with Light" since, and have taken pride in Illuminating interior and exterior for residential and commercial spaces, such as; Wine Cellars, Banks, Churches, Restaurants, Museums, Libraries and Private Homes.

    What I love most about lighting is that each project is unique and each client space is personal!  There is no single lamp or lighting product that can satisfy everyone's needs. Choosing the right lighting fixtures, lamps and accessories to accomplish the desired effect can be achieved and savings can be realized.  I enjoy the challenge trying to find the proper lighting solutions.

    Like a painting each project is an original!

    "2014 was the first year that my customers were consistently inquiring about LED lighting and asking me to explain the benefits of it for their homes."  - Cape Cod Homes Spring 2015 Edition

    I was featured on HGTV in 1999 in their "Cape Cod Homes Edition".

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    MG Lighting


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