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Lynn Packish Energy Medium

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    I am a full-time practitioner with 20 years of experience. I am blessed to be of service through the use of my intuitive and empathic abilities. As a Shaman, RMT, Medium, Empath and Sound Healer my 1:1 sessions combine reiki healings, soul retrievals, crystal bowl sound therapy, connecting with loved ones in spirit, receiving divine guidance and many validations. This mind, body, spirit re-boot assists in raising your overall vibration to put you into total alignment to live the life. As an Energy Medium, I connect with the energy of your auric field, the energy of your loved ones in spirit, the energy of your soul pieces sent off due to trauma, the energy of animals, the earth and nature. Reiki is a natural healing system that has been around for thousands of years it helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression enhances sleep, removes blocks, etc. Soul loss is our spirit's built-in survival mechanism and as a Shaman facilitating a Soul Retrieval is a profound healing tool. Soul Retrieval can help you recover from any type of trauma such as the death of a loved one, abuse of any kind, car accident, addiction, divorce, etc. I also teach and certify others in Reiki and offer a very popular Empowered Empath class to teach Empaths how to protect their own energy without taking on that of others. Be sure to follow me on FB or Instagram for the latest class listing and daily inspiration. At my Mashpee location and on my website I offer my ELEVATE Body & Aura Sprays that combine Essential Oils, infused with Reiki Energy and each bottle contains a genuine crystal. The perfect gift for any occasion to keep the positive energy flowing! For more information or to book a session or group event visit my website at, email me at, or call me directly at 774.563.0468.
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